The Dog in the Tree

The other day Bosswoman asked me if I’d seen the dog in the Parrotia tree.  I naturally thought she had over-dosed on the wine gums again and smiled sweetly.  Bossman had apparently pointed it out to her and she promised to enlighten me at a later date.  I remembered this conversation the next day and thought I would have a look for myself, whilst no one was about to think I was also unhinged.  Lo and behold there he was, the dog in the tree.  How could I have doubted you, Bosswoman?

All alone in the garden today, which is very rare; didn’t speak to a soul all day except the birds and myself.  After a chilly but frost free start it turned into a beautiful proto spring day.  I didn’t fall over, bang my shin or lose anything, trugs stayed where they belonged, there was no bramble attack.  I remembered to take all the tools I needed to where I was working and also to bring them all back.  The Heritage tomatoes have germinated, as have Dahlia “Red Skin Mix”.  I saw goldfinches and long-tailed tits.  I sang along to Buddy Holly and Kirsty McColl whilst sowing Nicotiana langsdorffii.  It was all pretty perfect really.



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4 responses to “The Dog in the Tree

  1. medlarfairy

    were you singing “In These Shoes?” We should definitely write a gardeners version of that song!

  2. RQ

    That is a very realistic dog. no need for “a good imagination”.
    Rod; King says it reminds him of his boxer dog, Butch.
    We enjoyed the rest of the blog, it’s lovely to celebrate a good day, so many folk just moan about the bad ones!

    • That’s strange I thought it was a boxer as well. When we were kids we had two lovely boxers – Buster and Butch!!!! I have a big soft spot for them and always try to get a cuddle when I come across one.

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