Hyacinth – Delft Blue

A large proportion of the country is in crisis due to lack of water and I can tell you exactly where it has all gone – North Devon!  Yes another wet day.  Still it may have been damp (understatement) but it was a productive.   We sowed seed, made seed lists, ordered seed and pricked out seed that had germinated (are you picking up on the theme here?).  I also started to sort out the greenhouse, moving the hardier plants, those made of sterner stuff, to the cold frames and throwing away the D. E. A. D. things.  This is good for morale, a load of mouldy sticks, unlikely (but not unknown) to come back from the dead, act as a reminder of failure at this time of optimism. It is also good hygienic practice to get rid of the rotting carcasses.  The “fallen” are on the whole cuttings taken too late to accumulate enough oomph to get through the winter and the odd sickly rescuee from the garden.  We need to free up space for the plug plants that will be arriving in the next couple of months and the seedlings, of which there are bound to be several (hundred).  I know we may well get another arctic burst but those moved outside can easily be recalled and, well, the dead will still be dead.

This hyacinth is called Delft Blue, is planted with some sugar pink friends and according to Hero smells incredible.  It was lovely to have Hero back after her wobblyitis, long may she remain wobble free.


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