Which Hazel?

A couple of months ago, during a blinding rain storm, in an outdoor uncovered area of a local discount store I came across a display of bargain bin plants.  The scene is now set, the drama intensifies.  Trying not to bring too much attention to myself by hyperventilating and passing out, bearing in mind the likelihood of any one of the oh so inattentive staff coming across me for a while was slim, I perused the goodies with as much control as I could manage under the exceptional circumstances.  Amongst the “doomed” was this witch hazel, no identifying label but a irresistible price tag of £3.  So I liberated this shrub from almost certain “next stop skip or compost heap”, actually both this one and his mate, one for our garden and one for a good friend. Well this “no name” has turned out to be a winner, a nice form and an even better flower.  Not bad for a lucky dip.



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2 responses to “Which Hazel?

  1. Alex

    Not bad? That’s got to be the understatement of the year!
    Good skills that woman. Take tomorrow off.

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