Sea Breezes (Shall we dance?)

In the olden days my lovely Nan used to take us three kids for day trips to the seaside, Eastbourne or Hastings, probably paid for by my mum and dad to get us out of their hair.  I remember these as happy days but the thing that has stuck in my memory, apart from a toy till that went ding and had real pretend money, was complaining about the cold wind.  I was curtly corrected by Nan who explained that it was nothing more than a “sea breeze” and therefore nothing to moan about.  These sea breezes have haunted me for the last 5 years.

This grass, being buffeted by the “sea breezes” is Eragrotis curvula or Weeping Love Grass.  A southern African native, it is used as a fodder plant in some areas as it is drought tolerant.  Granted it is not a show stopper; a green deciduous grass with greenish grey flower heads in summer.  The grass turns an oatmeal in autumn, bending in the wind but not breaking.  It may not be the prettiest kid on the block but, with the sea breeze as a loyal partner, it is one hell of a mover!


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