On the Edge Composting

What is better than a sunny day?  The answer of course is an unexpected sunny day.  This is exactly what we had today.

The top picture is of our bottom garden composting area.   This is where we were working today and it turned out to be a very productive time.  A couple of dry days have created a much improved working environment in the boggy bottom garden and we managed to clear lots of weed and general junk. The badgers have been running amok but we pressed the turfs back into the lawn and they will recover all too quickly.  A sunny highlight of a different kind was when we found this little primrose flowering away in the compost bin (created out of old builder’s pallets).  It was rescued and now has pride of place in the border.

Mind you if you think that this weather is the norm on the North Devon coast, just check out the angle of that oak tree!



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2 responses to “On the Edge Composting

  1. mum

    Its true every cloud has a silver lining and it would seem that compost heaps have hidden treasures.

  2. Alan Bannister

    Do you know a lot of old builders who give away pallets?

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