Stunt Strimmer to the Stars

Who is this emerging from the woods with a halo above his head?  Can it be true? Yes he’s back – its Superbaz!

SB was on form today, taking the martial art of strimming to the edge of reality and back again.  He tackled the infamous Rhody Bank with fortitude and finesse.  This bank is sloped at an angle of possibly 60 degrees, littered with ponticum stumps and ending in a 10ft drop, which is enough to cause some limb breakage and a headache. My job was marking things with bamboo canes that were not to be decimated (extremely daring and dangerous in its own right, I will have you know) and to fall over in an extremely inelegant way in front of said super hero (which kind of cancelled out the impressive quality of the aforementioned).

Mind you, guess who didn’t use his super powers to clear up after himself.



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2 responses to “Stunt Strimmer to the Stars

  1. hero

    think alot of supermen aka men dont clean up after themselves!!?? but heigh ho its good to watch them making a mess?

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