Wishing Well

This was a good day.  This was a tough day.  It was a bit like going to the dentist, it had to be done and we knew it would hurt but the relief would outweigh any pain.  This was the day that needed to happen and hopefully now we all feel much better.  Pooped out, but in a good way.

Yes we are talking about clearing the road boundary.  The magnitude of this venture is hard to explain to anyone who doesn’t know our garden.  It involved clearing brambles and ivy and lots of other detritus from a sheer wall which in parts is 25ft high.  Above is a precipitous bank with unprotected edge.  Yes we are talking one of those Health and Safety “what not to do” films.  SB used the mega extending thingy from the bottom and then brushcut from the top (I had my eyes closed lots and myself and Bosswoman begged him in our special calm voices “stop now you have gone far enough” which was summarily ignored by the adrenalin junky).  It was surreal and it was funny.  Myself and Bossman rolled an enormous tumble weed down the hill rolling around the corner and sending it back to its maker.  I am now both exhausted and tickled.

During these bizarre and disturbing proceedings the dripping well was uncovered in all its glory.  We already have plans for “All Ye Who Pass This Point Will Be Accursed Unless you Cross Our Well with Two Pound Coins”.  We may need something catchier.



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2 responses to “Wishing Well

  1. Rodgersia Queen

    …but I must have words with you about the “nasty nasturiums” cast at my profession in that first paragraph!

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