Muscari macrocarpum “Golden Fragrance”

Gloom.  This is the one word that accurately describes today in the garden.  A thick sea fog engulfed us in a strangulating grip, sucking any optimism from your bones.  I suppose on some days it could be construed as a comforting blanket.  Not today, it was a stiffling pillow.  All it inspired was apathy and oppression.

There were good things that happened.  A much anticipated seed germination.  Patient and forgiving tree surgeons delivered wood chip and didn’t get stuck in the mud.  A box of plants arrived.  But overall the scales were weighted the wrong way.  This has to happen sometimes, it makes the good times all the better.

This is the wonderous Muscari macrocarpum “Golden Fragrance”, photo taken on an all together different day.  If you want to know more about it please look on the Hardy Plant Society website


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  1. bossman

    It was similarly gloom near Plymouth today…………………. but inland up the Tamar valley the gloom lifted and the sun does still exist!

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