Magnificent Mulch

I love mulch, if there was a Mulch Appreciation Society I would join, in fact I might start one.  Today we mulched the beds in the bottom garden with the wood chip deposited earlier in the week by the tree surgeons (the patient and forgiving ones).  Although I despair of a world where instant gratification seems the norm, amongst many other things mulching a bed can swiftly conceal a multitude of sins.  Naturally in our case there is little-to-no sin that needs covering but simply finishes off our proficient tidying of the border.  So my manifesto would be (in this instance specifically for wood chip): – Mulch you fools, the benefits are boundless including the recycling of an arboreal byproduct, excellent weed suppressant, will compost down to improve soil structure, it looks nice, it is light and clean and easy to work with, it is free (if you play your cards right).  I hope you are convinced and will join my happy MAS gang.

As these things occasionally turn out there was the exact amount of chipping to cover all the borders.  Now that is what I call non-planning.


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