Do the Shuffle!

Today I have been shuffling plants.  Plant spacing is seldom as easy as reading the label, getting your ruler out and plonking them in.  There invariably will need to be adjustments made to any scheme, some plants will have been placed wrongly and some plants just grow quicker than expected and will start to impede the less vigorous.  So today I rearranged some of the plants in the Med Bed, a job made all the better by the warm spring sunshine.  Last week, in anticipation, I removed an aged cistus that had become straggly and was engulfing the Dodanea purpurea.  This had proved an excellent blanket throughout the winter but now was stifling it.  Into this space I moved the Anisodontea capensis that was getting far too cosy with the Grevillea “Camberra Gem” and the Acca sellowiana that ideally needed to be further back in the border.  In the process I relocated some caryopteris to the Tennis Court Border and donated some agapanthus seedlings to Damage.  At lunch time it was all cracked eggs, by the end of the day a lovely omelette.

This is “Albert Heijn”, one of our favorite tulips and one that has remained in its granite trough for the last 3 years.  I have no inclination to move it.


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