Narcissus triandrus “Thalia”

Narcissus triandrus “Thalia” – could this be the most beautiful, the most elegant narcissus of them all?  Pure white, multi-headed and sweetly scented, you really couldn’t expect much more from a flower.  Quite astutely this was a Victorian favorite but it fell out of favour when all the new fangled daffodils came onto the market and turned people’s heads.  Fortunately for us it is now undergoing a renaissance of popularity.  Our Thalia are planted in a group amongst some Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ which is a black grass-like spreading ground cover.  The “vision” was to enhance the beauty of these divas, but as yet the usually unstoppable grass has been reluctant to make the thick carpet I envisaged. The genus narcissus is named after the immodest character from Greek legend who killed himself when he couldn’t reach his own reflection and was turned into a daff.  Triandrus means three stamen referring to the three larger stamen although it does actually possess six.  The species has yellow flowers and is native to southern Europe and is commonly known as Angel’s Tears.  This name refers to the pendulous blooms, their heads hanging down in sorrow or prayer.   Thalia was the eighth of the nine Greek muses and the name means to be joyous or flourishing.  I think you could quite accurately say that this daffodil is flourishing and it definitely is a joyous sight to behold.


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