Tree Watch – Warts and All

On close examination of the beech tree today I found that its smooth skin was dotted with these strange protuberances or nodules or some such thing.  I felt it was only right and proper to share the imperfections of my favorite tree.  So I did what anyone would do in the circumstances and googled “beech nodules”.  This was not a very successful search and all I could come up with, apart from acknowledgement of their existence and puzzlement, was perhaps they are “healed lesions resulting from fungal attacks”.  Apparently they are not uncommon.  This makes me feel a little better, I would hate to have the only warty beech in the country.



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3 responses to “Tree Watch – Warts and All

  1. Fascinating. Wondered a bit about Beech Woodwart too (Hypoxylon fragifrome) – but as I’ve neither seen it nor seen your nodule . . . !

    Really think you should join iSpot.

    These are the Beech Woodward submissions. (Interesting even if irrelevant!)

  2. That was meant to say ‘Beech Woodwart’, not ‘woodward’.

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