March Morning

Another warm day, beautiful sunshine perfect for sun loungers or perhaps a paddle in the sea.  For us however it was a day previously nominated to attack the green stuff and once nominated I’m afraid there is no shifting.  It was the first cut of the Tennis Court lawn this season and although slightly less daunting this year due to extension of the lawn beds, which run along the edge of the precipice, these are not extended quite enough to make it thrill free.  We were a bit of a slow off the mark due to the reluctance of the lawn mower to start (“that machine starts every time” ring any bells Bossman?) which necessitated the calling in of the cavalry (Mr Bee).  He managed to get it started but luckily, for the sake of my pride, not too easily.  So we were off, mowing, strimming, raking, carrying large sheets of clippings to various compost bins around the garden, moving enormous potted cordylines.  Sorry what was that, moving cordylines?  Well The Bees had purchased an extremely large cordyline (we are talking mega here) and myself and Hero helped manoeuvre it off the delivery van and down a dog-leg set of steps and then a sloping path.  Very exciting and scary at the same time.

When I arrived at work this morning I as usual walked up the path towards the potting shed, glanced across the garden and saw this view of the magnolia bed.  I thought “not bad our garden, in fact it’s pretty darned lovely”.



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3 responses to “March Morning

  1. Beautiful magnolia! I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s a great read – thanks for sharing. To my shame I have never visited your garden, which is especially shocking as I lived only a mile or so up your lane for a summer a few years ago!

    I can picture the setting perfectly though. Perhaps I’ll make it over sometime this year!

    • Thank you, but it is not strictly my garden, I just look after it for Bossman and Bosswoman. You may have gathered that we open this Sunday until the end of September, please introduce yourself if you do visit. Just looked at your website and it looks very interesting ……

  2. Bosswoman

    You’re absolutely right, especially this photo shows how lovely. Looking forward to seeing it and you soon, all being well.

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