Bergenia procumbis


Over the last couple of weeks I have been suffering from a severe case of tunnel vision, culminating in the not-so-grand opening yesterday.  Now this date has passed it is a blessed relief to catch up in some of the other areas of the garden desperate for attention.  I have been walking past pots of sweet pea seedlings ignoring their pleas to be planted, having instead to suffice with a quick water and a pinch back.  Today, their day had come.  First however I had to weed the greenhouse beds where they were destined to grow and bloom.  In a previous (pre-me) incarnation these beds were planted with herbs.  Someone, in their great non-wisdom, decided it would be a spiffing idea to include both horseradish and mint in this plan.  And yes I mean directly into the ground.  This means that every year we have to undertake the annual cull, digging out mile upon mile of horizontal mint root and foot upon foot of vertical horseradish root.  As day will surely become night both of these will return, but I like to think we have reached an entente cordiale (impressed Bosswoman?).  This involves me not getting stressed when a bit pops up and the plants not caring either way, nothing is going to stop them now!

Generally I am not a massive bergenia fan, they look half dead for most of the year, but perhaps I neglect them.  This is the exception to my rule, Bergenia procumbis.  The bronzed new leaves and pretty pink flower spikes are another thing altogether.  Oh and I also like Bergenia ciliata, that makes two exceptions.  I am open to more.


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