The North Wind it Doth Blow

Well “May (blossom) is out” and my clout has been cast for a few weeks now.  I was under the impression that this meant that winter was over, finished, no more shivering or doing star jumps to keep warm. Apparently not.  Today Boreas, the Greek god of the north wind, was back in control and he wasn’t messing about, bringing icy rain and the incessant racket that accompanies him.  This is all rather confusing for a poor simple soul – one day mid summer, the next classic North Devon wintry fare.  Wooly hats, gloves and fleeces replaced t-shirts and lightweight trousers from last week.  Even with hard physical work – strimming and barrowing compost up hill (just for fun of course) we couldn’t get warm.  It seems that over the space of a few weeks we have become true softie southerners.  Tenders plants rashly (in hindsight) planted out during our hot snap quivered; call me paranoid but I’m sure I caught the plectranthus looking accusingly at me.  Just hang on in there, I thought, and am still thinking as the evening is drawing in and the temperatures will drop further.  It could well be the final death knell for the Anisodontea capensis that I moved with the timing of a loser – during an ideal mild spell, seconds before soaring heat which then gave way to gales and freezing rain.  I wouldn’t blame it if it keeled over.

I tried to capture a picture of just how bloomin’ windy it was today.  This is the best I can do but you will have to do your own sound effects (a kind of whooshy, wooey, train approaching sound). Whilst I rocked in the wind and rain, the 12ft bamboo was dancing, bending back and forth until I was certain it would snap.


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