Running the Gauntlet

It was text book Bank Holiday Monday weather today.  Certainly not a classic “garden visiting” day.  There were however three intrepid souls who spent a soggy hour roaming the garden.  This was after I had rounded them up from the bottom of the hill (after lost soul phone call) and attempted to herd them up the hill.  Luckily, for them, at this point the Bosses arrived and taxied them up the hill.  Unfortunately there was no room for me and they gave me a hearty wave and sped into the distance.  I naturally skipped up the hill enjoying the opportunity to climb this mountain once again in the pouring rain.  The visitors seemed to enjoy themselves despite the relentless downpouring and appreciated that this is a garden in April and all that this entails.  It does not have the languid summer spread or the voluptuous autumn display but it has its own jewels, perhaps not as glaringly obvious, but all the better for that.

As their luck would have it, they met Bossman on the way out of the garden, who kindly gave the two ladies a lift down the road as the gentleman gallantly carried the sopping brollies down the hill.  On Bossman’s return I wondered what comments they had made to him about the garden during their second taxi drive.  “Lovely garden”, “well kept” or perhaps “interesting planting”.  No.  “She could talk for England”!  Oh well, the truth will out.

There are not many people who have to dodge the sea on their drive to work.  This morning however my timing wasn’t quite right and a wave landed bang on the roof of my car.  Once safely parked, I took a few moments to watch the high spring tide amuse and soak some laughing children and the Lee Duck Formation Swim Team enjoying some extreme bobbing.  Not a bad way to start to the working day.


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