Magic Moments

Physically it has been a very hard week and today was no exception.  We worked in the bottom garden all morning, edging the borders (I am soooo edged out) and although tedious work it looks much the better for it.  At this time of the year we have a good audience when we work down there, visitors hanging over the wall watching and commenting on the view and the turntable!  Today I gave up saying it wasn’t my house and just pretended it was, so much easier.

This afternoon we finished clearing the potato planting area ready for PP Friday.  It wasn’t warm, it was hot, and I certainly needed to loiter in some shade when it was done.  I was rewarded on completion by a fine aerial display by the newly returned Martins.

Next I spotted the bonsai Magnolia stellata flowering for the first time.  Two flowers on its petite frame.

Then a visit from someone I had known in a former life who had come to see the garden and I happened to be there.  “You look familiar…….” It was pleasant surprise for us both I think.

Best of all was a chance encounter earlier in the day.  As I was walking down the hill, I was approached and asked if I knew the way to the Secret Steps that led to the Secret Beach and if it was sensible to bring wands with them.  In hushed tones I pointed them in the right direction and asked if I could borrow one of the wands.  A particularly lovely one was loaned to me and helpfully I was instructed which was the right way up.  I then cast a special lucky, “find the secret beach and have lots of fun” spell on a lovely little chap.  I hope it worked, it wasn’t the wand I am used to and anything could have happened.



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3 responses to “Magic Moments

  1. hero

    you should have used the wand better…..magic spade to dig the blinking potato patch…i just hope the secret beach didnt have the tide in??

  2. Julie

    It would seem there was much magic in the air on Friday, what a treat to visit your garden( I too pretend all the gardens I tend to be mine) thank you for letting me in, I could try and email you some photos, if I wave a magic wand at the computer it sometimes works. I also visited Knightshayes on my way home, the walled garden was inspirational, very impressive but what struck me most was the similarity between their impeccable rows of heritage potatoes and your own spud space….. the labels were almost identical !

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