Potato Planting Day

As was laid down in the Big Plan, Potato Planting Day arrived, for some perhaps a little late, for us just perfect timing.  The ground had been cleared, the tatties chitted, strimming done to produce a nice grass mulch and the sun did nothing but shine, shine shine.  We had a tactical job swap.  Hero raked (she is the champion of not only Cliffe Garden but the whole wide world) and I created the wonky trenches.  These trenches were no more accurate than Hero’s, the difference being that she cared they were bendy and I didn’t.  So in the potatoes went at approximate planting distances as suggested by our mentor Joy Larkham (“and what would Joy do?” is our frequent call) and as amended by rebel gardener who refuses to measure anything.   We ended up having to create an Overflow Potato Area as they didn’t all fit.  A blow at the time but we lifted ourselves from the abyss and they all are now where they should be, hopefully charging up those shoots and thrusting them forth.

Unfortunately last year, in my enthusiasm, I earthed up all the labels so we didn’t know which potato was which.  This year I instigated cunning plan No. 423 as inspired by most sensible gardens including Knightshayes.  I painted wooden stakes white and did my best primary school teacher handwriting in black marker to tell us what lays beyond.  Then Hero went and made a lovely path, well work in progress any way.  Photo shows both our artistic endeavours.


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  1. Bosswoman

    Love the labels.

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