No Place Like Gnome!

When I return to the garden after a weekend away the first thing I do….. well actually it’s not the first thing, that is obviously put the kettle on and then I check the seedlings, feed the birds, water the greenhouse, ….. then the next first thing I do is a tour to investigate what mischief has been going on in my absence.  Today was an almost perfect spring day (chill wind made it only 9.5 out of 10) and it was specially heart warming to wander around doing my Miss Marple bit and “Spot the Difference”.  At this time of the year you can almost hear the plants growing and the around every corner there is something fresh to wonder at.  The ratio of hurrahs to boos is very favourable.

Hero and myself are off to Porlock tomorrow with the Plant Heritage gang to visit Greencombe garden and Elsworthy Cottage Plants.  The weather forecast is not good to say the least, I suppose “Heavy Rain Showers” is marginally better than “Torrential Rain All Day” and I suppose we could be lucky and be on the coach during the worst of any downpours.  We shall see, but at least I will know that the garden is getting a good soaking.  Apparently, according to an Expert on R4 earlier today, spring and summer rain doesn’t count.  Well perhaps not to him, but to us gardeners it is very important.

This is Bossman’s gnome who was enjoying the beautiful sunshine amongst the primulas and violas, taking part in a little sunbathing/concertina playing combo.



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3 responses to “No Place Like Gnome!

  1. Alex

    I’m jealous – that you’re going to Greencombe and Elsworthy not of the pink G thing!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. medlarfairy

    Q. What’s the difference between a concertina and a trampoline?
    A. You take you shoes off to jump on a trampoline!
    Take that, Gnome! (sinister laugh issues from Medlar Fairy)

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