Away Day

We had an extremely rewarding Away Day today.  Even the getting there was enjoyable, a spectacular drive across Exmoor with the added advantage of an elevated coach view.  First we visited Elworthy Cottage Plants nursery and their lovely garden.  I could easily list many highlights but I was especially impressed by the snakes head fritilleries naturalised in the lawn and a glorious ribes which I later discovered to be Ribes x gordonianum.   As luck would have it they had one of the ribes in the nursery and it would have been rude not to buy it and a couple of other bits and bobs to keep it company.

Then onto Greencombe garden near Porlock which was also a wonderful and inspiring place.  They have the National Collection of erythroniums which are in their prime at the moment but the whole place was lovely with many flowering azaleas and trilliums and much more.  It was an invigorating journey home, lets just say it involved Porlock Hill and other highlights of the coast road.

Visiting other gardens is useful in many ways and I don’t do it nearly enough.  These trips are inspirational both practically and personally.  It is good to revel in the beauty of these places, acknowledge their individual problems and the fact that they too have weeds and jobs yet to be undertaken (on the list).  To meet people of like mind is refreshing.  To meet a lady who in her 90’s and of limited mobility who still retains her enthusiasm and control on her garden after nearly 50 years was the best inspiration of all.

This is Trillium chloropetalum, an unusual white and fragrant form, as found at Greencombe.  It was delicious.


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  1. Alex

    Mmmmm! Lovely Trilliums and Erythroniums!
    Hope you’ll be allowed out again soon – loads of show gardens to see and plants to buy up here next month!

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