Luzula sylvatica – Greater Wood Rush

It seems that winter has returned and I am sorry to say so did my thermals after being uncomfortably cold yesterday.  Although the rain kept off for most of the day it has been dank and dark and windy.  Weather to curl up on the sofa with a black and white movie on the TV and a catering size bag of maltesers to hand.  Not weather to be planting out new additions to the Cliffe family.  The seedlings are struggling without the heat and light they desire and so are the gardeners.  Of course there is no point moaning as the vagary of the British weather is not in our control. We must grin and bear it, adapt and adjust our plans as necessary.  Then again a little grumble every now and again doesn’t harm ……

This is the Greater Wood Rush or Luzula sylvatica.  It spreads around our woodland and beyond in a dense, impenetrable carpet.  Its brown flower heads are like droplets of treacle.


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  1. I’m not knowingly familiar with this plant. The description ‘drops of treacle’ makes me want to see it.

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