Primula “Gold Lace”

One of my mother’s many sage-like sayings, mostly directed at myself or my siblings, is “you do one job and make a hundred others”.  Well that was definitely the case today.  But in a good way.  There has been a little corner of the Road Bank which has been irritating me for, well it must be said, more than a year.  It is where a Penstemon “Windsor Red” and a non specified (posh talk for the label is lost) Schizostylis coccinea have lived in harmony for a while.  Unfortunately there is a squatter in the camp; yes your fiend and mine – Mind Your Own Business.  Today I was looking for an appropriate place for a Dahlia “Caribbean Sunset” and the perfect place was very close to this troublesome area.  So a five minute job turned into a two hour job.  I dug out all the penstemon, cut out all the dead and retained some lovely self layered plant.  The schizo had the same treatment.  The dreaded MYOB was carefully removed, picked out, compost added and all were replanted.  A smug aura pervaded the garden.  It wont last, my nemesis will return and like Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty our battle will continue.  Perhaps am I getting a little carried away?

This is Primula “Gold Lace” and is one of Hero’s favorites.  I think we can see why.


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