Seedling Central

Today was a day of big weather; big rain, big wind, big cold.  So most of my day involved dashing between greenhouse and potting shed, quickly ducking in and out so as not to let the whirligig upset the strict order that is our working environment (no one reading this knows me right?).  The wind was so blustery that everything took off each time the door was opened.  There was also a fair amount of moving potted plants to safe locations and chasing empty ones around the garden.

At one point a tiny pygmy shrew emerged from under the door and I watched its elephantine snout investigating the air, realising it was not the sanctuary it was hoping for “I smell gardener”.  I hoped it would stay, I wouldn’t have harmed it and we could have shared some crumbs.  My conversational Shrew isn’t what it should be and before I could convince him he had disappeared back out into the fray.

The seed sowing treadmill is well underway. The cycle of seed sowing, pricking out, potting on and planting out has begun.  Not too soon, not too late, not too many, not too few.  Many varieties, some new, some old friends.  Anthirrnum Orange Glow and Crimson Velvet.  Lobelia white, blue and trailing.  Callistephus, salvia and mirabilis.  Squashes, pepper and of course lots of tomatoes.  It all seems to done in such a rush and they are struggling in the cold and damp.  Then I think about places like Sweden or Alaska whose growing season is so short and I wonder how they manage.


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  1. Bosswoman

    What a wonderful sight, the greenhouse full of seedlings etc. It gladdens the heart.

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