Old and New Friends and Goldfish

After a visitor famine so far this week (not surprising they would have had trouble holding on yesterday), today we had a feast.  They were made up of both friends and strangers.  Medlar Fairy brought her family for a meander, although I think the smallest of them may have missed out on a few of the finer details having slept soundly all the way around even through MF’s fog horn location call.  At the same time Damages’ guests from Germany visited and stayed an admirable couple of hours, photographing and appreciating the tiniest of details.  Later the Rogersia Queen arrived with two new VNIP who told tales of enviable South American plant hunting trips.  I told a story of my visit to Exeter University.  They were definitely impressed by my daring-do.  It was a pleasure to meet them all.

There is a lot to be said for living in the moment, planning ahead however also has its benefits.  Yesterday I fretted all day about the plants that I had planted out and how they would cope with the dreadful weather.  Today, knowing full well that tomorrow is forecast to be similarly horrendous, I dashed about in the warm sunshine planting more.  Goldfish brain.


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