The Lake subtitled Drought what Drought

I’ve often wondered whether we should get a “water feature” in the garden, you know a nice wildlife pond, a slick rill or even a fountain complete with leaping dolphins.  Well today we got one, but not quite the one that I envisaged.  During a brief respite in the deluge myself and Hero walked across the lawn only to find an inch of water covering a not insignificant area.  The water was running down the rock face in what could have been an attractive manner if you were in the Brecon Beacons or such like.  So we returned to the potting shed, got our battle forks and spent the next three-quarters of an hour making drainage holes.  The water bubbled and gulped down these holes as we methodically squelched on our way.  Then the rain began again in earnest and we retreated hoping we may have made a small amount of difference.   It might be a while before it gets the cut it desperately needs, unless the lawn mower has an amphibious setting I hadn’t noticed before.


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