Pesky Critters

A troublesome day.  Firstly showers and sun all day long.  Literally sun and showers at the same time.  All day. Well enough of the day to be tedious and get bored with looking for the rainbow that didn’t materialise.

Then it emerged that the heated propagation bench in the greenhouse had become a giant incubator for the local ant population.  My attempts to oust them resulted in extremely grumpy formic acid filled monsters who did not take kindly to me disturbing them.  Yes there were ants everywhere, over my hands and up my sleeves but perhaps the ones in my pants were imagined.  It became clear when I emptied one of the pots why they were being quite so defensive – they were filled with eggs!  Now I have seen a documentary by Dreamworks called Antz and I feel that I know a little about their world and it definitely involves eating seeds.  Where I germinate our seeds is therefore not a good place for them to set up home.  Anywhere else I could put up with.

Then Mr Fearless, the squirrel who has recently discovered the bird table, arrived to cause mayhem, dismantling the protective cover that in theory keeps out any big bully boys.  I shouted at him and he just sat in the hedge nibbling a peanut with a “wot you gonna do about it softie” stare.  He was of course a very good judge of character and I was actually a little scared.  Then I remembered my mate Lucy Loo and her past record and felt I had an ace up my sleeve.  Watch out Mr F, I’ve got friends!


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