Aquilegia vulgaris – Columbine

The self seeded aquilegias are allowed a pretty free rein in the garden.  We all love them and they spread themselves around finding their preferred spots and thereby flourish where others struggle.  We have several varieties in yellow and pale blue, but it is this purple and white bi-colour that is the most vigorous.  Its common name Columbine comes from the latin columba which means dove, which is rather lovely.  It is also known as Granny’s Nightcap or Granny’s Bonnets but I would imagine that all the grannies I know don’t wear such attire to bed anymore.  This needs to be confirmed.



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3 responses to “Aquilegia vulgaris – Columbine

  1. mum

    Re bonnet and nightattire as a Granny I hasten to assure you that a bonnet as part of night wear is a definate NO NO..Love the flower.

  2. Bosswoman

    As another Granny connected to the garden I have to agree with your previous correspondent. However, perhaps it’s worth investigating the use of night bonnets to avoid bad hair days for Grannies?

  3. Michelle - Germany

    I remember fondly my mother wearing a hairnet to bed though………..:-) ADORE Aquilegas

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