The Day the Sun Shone

Warm sun all day.  Yes you read that right, sun all day long and barely a cloud in the sky.  Check this space tomorrow.

This is Phlox douglasii, it arrived one day in Hero’s sticky mitt and I believe she had liberated from some other garden.  She can be a little shady so I find it best to ask few questions about her exploits away from Cliffe.  After a year of mooching about on the edge of the Lawn Beds not doing anything in particular (certainly not thriving) it has now sprung into action and is covered in flowers.  And what pretty flowers they are too; delicate pink with a central halo of cerise.  This highlights to all passing nectar lovers the direct route to both a feast and where to pickup or deposit pollen.  No need for sat nav here.



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3 responses to “The Day the Sun Shone

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Ah Gill, wish we had been there to enjoy the sun today!! Still, I was outside myself ALL DAY in the garden, just come in. Potted up all my summer bedding, removed a bit of Ground Elder, tidied the front garden and generally mooched! Bliss. Accompanied by the song of the Blackcap, who was out there singing since 5 this morning!! I LOVE May. Twas humid here today, but at least dry. 🙂

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