Lawnmower Man

Today a garden visit was scheduled.  The Goodleigh Horticultural Society were visiting at 7.30pm.  Today torrential rain was scheduled, at 7.30pm. We prepared, as best we could in persistent drizzle, for the arrival of up to 40 keen and knowledgable souls and even had a vague plan of action.  Admittedly this involved having St John’s Ambulance on standby after we had slid about the woodland paths.  At lunch time a charming gentleman called to postpone, explaining that they were not in their first flush of youth and perhaps the steep terrain and inclement weather may be a trifle too much.  They haven’t cancelled in 20 years.  Not sure that this is something we should be proud of or not.  Listening to the rain hammer down outside I think it was a wise decision.

We are very lucky at Cliffe to have friends to help us out in our most extreme girlie, pathetic moments.  Today we were especially blessed when Lawnmower Man popped in to return the blade cartridge of our lawnmower after he had sharpened and adjusted it.  He then gallantly showed us the way to create perfect straight lines.  “Can you show us another straight line Mr LM, we cried lifting our crinolines out of the mud”.  Soon it was finished.  This was after he filled in the badger holes.  Lawnmower Man, our hero of the week!



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5 responses to “Lawnmower Man

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Send him my way! 🙂 I have vole holes.
    I slid down a woodland path at Hartland whilst we were visiting the other day, I was mostly concerned about my camera and detached new Macro lens. And that I would be too muddy for the cream tea. It hardly mattered as we were all soaked later anway.It washed away the mud stains. Hey ho.

  2. Nicest Dutch person you know

    Pathetic but manipulative. Well done! The rain is hammering down here as well but supposed to clear sort of from tomorrow. I am looking at the photo of Lee Bay in the sunshine last wednesday (sigh).

  3. hero

    fraid he wont travel as far as germany..but he may manage cliffe again!! seeing as theres an incentive? me or the wine?!!

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