Astrantia “Buckland”

Today was a game of two halves.  A wet half and a dry half.  A glum half and a joyful half.  It doesn’t take a genius to work out that my mood, and I suspect that of many people, is directly proportional to how soggy my feet are.  As this is cumulative my mood has not been best of late.  So we will gloss over the gloomy start to the week/season and dwell on the positive.  In fact no penalties were needed to proclaim the winner of today’s match of good against evil.  This afternoon turned into the kind of day that many imagine is the norm in my gardening life, clear blue skies, bluer sea, gentle breeze; calm pervaded.   We are due a visit from Shebbear Gardening Club tomorrow afternoon.  They haven’t confirmed so I remain ambivalentish, but all the same spent the clement part of the day planting out dahlias, marigolds and pinks in an attempt to fill in some of the gaps.   I also removed some of the more obvious weeds, the ones in places that didn’t involve mud wading, in an attempt to look our best if the group materialise.  I hope they wear sensible footwear, perhaps tennis rackets.

The weekend was warm and sunny so in my absence there has been noticeable growth of many plants (and weeds obviously), and about time too!  This Astrantia “Buckland” was looking particularly pretty its own gentle way, its understated pink flower cushions surrounded by shining silver bracts.


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