Veronica gentianoides “Tissington White” – Gentian Speedwell


We were promised wonderful weather today but in reality it proved to be a vicious battle between the sea mist and the sun.  The cold spectre raced across the garden like arctic smoke and at intervals was pushed back by the gallant but weak morning sun.  This tussle raged all day until eventually, late this afternoon, the sun was triumphant and celebrated by overheating the over-dressed gardeners.

In fact the cooler weather earlier in the day was far better for working in.  We continued in our quest to regain territory and maintain a smidgeon of control amongst the crazy uber activity that is going on in the garden.  One minute sluggish inertia, the next, whoa hold on to your bonnet missus!  So more strimming, weeding and planting.  Gardening at this time of year is like running full pelt up the down escalator; if you stop for a moment you will be down at the bottom again and misery will ensue; if you keep going you will eventually reach the top and satisfaction, but in truth it is totally exhausting.

This is Veronica gentianoides “Tissington White” which should really be named “Tissington Whitish”.  Nice though and sparkling in the garden the afternoon.


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