Cytisus “Boskoop Ruby” – Broom

This is Cytisus “Boskoop Ruby”, a real beauty and at the moment in its prime.  At a time in the garden when much is just cranking up the action, so to speak, this shrub is festooned with scarlet jewels, enough to stop you in your tracks and wonder if any more flowers could be fitted in (unlikely).  Boskoop, as I sure some of you (yes I’m talking about you my cloggy friends) are aware, is a town in the Dutch fenlands and has been an area of admirable nursery co-operatives since the 18th century.  Not only is it floriferous it is evergreen, except in extreme weather conditions or under stress, something with which I can empathise.  The only niggle I have with this plant is that, like other of its kin in the garden, it wants to lie down at the slightest excuse.  In fact our enormous Cytisus “Killiney Salmon” on the Tennis Court Bank has  become completely recumbent to the point of no return, blocking off one of the two already precarious entrance points.  Yes I know all about “stakes”, I have tried and failed, more than once, honest guv.  It is in the Fabaceae or pea family and as would seem fitting has pea like flowers, that is like the flowers of pea plants not small, green balls; but of course you wouldn’t have thought that would you?

Today it was hot.  Today was momentous for various reasons including the fact it was the first day of the year that I wore my shorts.  It was great.



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5 responses to “Cytisus “Boskoop Ruby” – Broom

  1. Malvern Maid

    Not usually a fan of cytisus but that’s gorgeous!

  2. My yellow broom is gone by but my ruby boskoop is stunning, will this spread anyone?

  3. shannon s.

    Hi, i bought this at home depot last dummer. And threw the hard NY winter, i have a lot of dead wood. There is new growth below. Am i to cut the old wood off? And how far back do i go? Any advice is appreciated!

    • Sorry for delay, I have a new blog now, and don’t visit this one very often! I would cut any dead wood out to where you can see some new growth emerging. Give it a good feed and some kind words and hopefully it will rejuvenate. These are lovely plants but not always long-lived. Good luck with yours 🙂

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