Anemone coronaria “De Caen” – Poppy Anemone

I popped over to the garden this morning to check on the greenhouse after the scorching weather yesterday.  Hero returned to the garden Friday evening, as late afternoon it was just too hot to close up and get the babies bedded down for the weekend.  Today everything was fine but a few things benefitted from a quick water.  It is par for the course at this time of year to suffer from seedling paranoia (too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry).  Soon it will pass and life will become a little more relaxed.  Whilst I was there I did a quick tour just to make sure that the badgers hadn’t dug up and discarded any more plants to die a slow and painful death (am I getting a little carried away?).  In my wanderings I came across this Anemone coronaria “De Caen“, the first flower of a group planted in the Family Border.  The badgers had just concentrated on destroying the lawn;  we must be pleased for small mercies.


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One response to “Anemone coronaria “De Caen” – Poppy Anemone

  1. Bosswoman

    My Mum would be proud to see one of her favourites in the family border looking sio beautiful.

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