All Things Bright and Beautiful

“All Things Bright and Beautiful” has been going round and round in my head all day.  Unfortunately in an ironic way; I have been singing it through gritted teeth.  Although it was a troublesome start, conveniently accompanied by cloudy skies, things improved as the day progressed.  The sun came out, I picked up the pieces and got on with the jobs that needed doing.  This naturally meant more weeding, planting, watering and strimming, not necessarily in that order.  Good progress was made and that always means a happy gardener.  Then the tune came back into my head and I remembered ….

For those of you of a delicate nature please do not scroll down to see what the badgers did to the granite trough full of beautiful pansies that were just reaching their pink peak.  All creatures great and small ………



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2 responses to “All Things Bright and Beautiful

  1. Michelle - Germany

    OH NO!!!!!!!!! And I moan when the blackbird flings out a wee bit of soil!! Good grief! I dont know how I would feel about THAT! 😦 All Things Bright… reminds me of Primary School assemblies. *sigh*

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