Cunning Plans

There are two choices in life, moan about it or do something about it.  Yesterday I moaned, today we instigated Operation Badger the Badger.  This involved three separate manoeuvres.  First thing this morning I stealthily trailed Brock, a la Ray Mears, to the perimeter fence at highest part of the garden, where I found that the previously mended repair had been breached.  I did my best to make it secure again and will be knitting a new square as soon as I can, perhaps I should use a stronger yarn next time. I then piled rocks from the quarry in front of it, as large as I could manage.  At the end of our day we scattered peanuts in the orchard at an attempt to divert them away from anything of worth.  Sounds perverse to feed the enemy but desperate times call for desperate measures. Lastly Hero created a trip-wire/badger scarer using old cat collars (complete with bells), some sticky back plastic and a couple of washing up liquid bottles and strung it across the entrance to the lawn.  How can this fail?

We do have a backup plan, there is a slim chance that these cunning schemes won’t work, which is to abandon the garden to wildlife and create a crazy golf course using the holes in the lawn.  We have had some ideas on local themes for the structures which Betsy Bee has kindly offered to make out of papier mache.  We had a brain storming session and so far have in mind a scale model of Lundy Island, The Taj Mahal (this suggestion was from a garden visitor and he obviously isn’t a local boy), Bullpoint Lighthouse, The Landmark Theatre and my favorite, a badger with Josh biting his bum.  I do have to run this idea past the Bosspeople but I can’t see they would have any problem with it.

I don’t know who hired the bus but the garden was extremely busy today.  Some were returning visitors, some locals, some passersby and some who had seen the article about us in this month’s Coast magazine (plug, plug).  They were the young, the not quite so young, and the downright doddery.  They brought babies and dogs and one couple gave us chocolate biscuits.  All were jolly.  All paid. This eminently sociable day culminated with a surprise guest appearance from the The Brookdales, long distance supporters, and very nice it was to see them.



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6 responses to “Cunning Plans

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Blue Peter would be proud of that Badger Scarer, the old Squeezy Bottle rules!! LOVE these wonderful Ox eye Daisies…….I sow seed all the time to try and get them to establish under the Lime Tree in front of the house! 🙂

  2. Lucy Fur

    what about a papier mache three-legged dog, and the third leg could swing to and fro across the gap to the putting hole…? Alternatively a REAL three-legged dog that despises all badgers?!

  3. Bosswoman

    Hmmm. Needs careful thought, this. Perhaps we should incorporate the badgers into the crazy golf. That would make for more interesting and challenging holes – a badger inside the Bullpoint lighthouse who will emerge if hit with the ball? Or it might persuade the badgers they don’t want to play on the lawn.

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