I was talking to a visitor in the garden this week and they gestured to the beach below saying “and you have all the seaweed you could want”.  Um.  Well this is true.  What is also true is that there is a rather steep hill in between. We have used various methods in the past to transport seaweed up to the garden.  We have filled trugs and loaded them into the back of Hero’s estate, we have requisitioned the builder’s dumper truck and borrowed one of those really cool motorised wheelbarrows.  But the truth is it still has to be deposited at the gate and manhandled up steps or barrowed around the garden.  Not quite so easy.

The benefits of seaweed as a fertiliser and soil conditioner are undisputed, free and just down the road being two big ones, but there are also negative aspects.  It is obviously very salty which basically is a plant killer.  It is best piled onto redundant ground and the salt allowed to be washed off before any plants are introduced.  We have brought up piles of the stuff that are rife with some kind of fly larvae who, to be fair, are probably pretty surprised to emerge so far from the ocean (100m).  That is a long way if you are a fly.  The main problem is what is lurking within the weed.  Plastic mainly.  Lots of discarded plastic that pollutes our oceans and our beaches.   And fishing lines.   And knickers.  Sorry can we rewind a moment “knickers”?  Yes, I was showing a visitor around the garden and to my horror noticed a pair of knickers on the newly prepared and previously seaweeded Pastel Border.  I can only hope she didn’t assume they were mine.  Not my style at all.  Anyway today I found this little man in the vegetable garden and I guess that he is the lost toy of a child somewhere. The smile is a little creepy. I hope he doesn’t give you nightmares.



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2 responses to “Treasure

  1. We use seaweed to improve the soil, too; but I’ve never found knickers or little men in my garden! When our children were little, they used to put their toys up in the trees. Over time, the trees would grow around them, encasing the little dolls in a tight tree hug.

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