Polemonium caeruleum – Jacob’s Ladder

Polemonium caeruleum, known commonly as Jacob’s Ladder, seed themselves relentlessly around our garden.  In this instance a plant’s rampancy is a thing to be applauded.  They are ideal additions to any garden as they have many noble characteristics; they are perennial, self-reliant, easily pleased, pest resistant and best of all, very pretty.  They sometimes bloom white but rarely where we want white flowers, luckily they transplant very easily.  This particular wanderer’s choice of seed bed was well-chosen, a perfect spot in front of the agave (probably why it hasn’t been weeded out) which acts as a steely backdrop for its indigo flowers with striking butter yellow stamen.

Today was a day to savour.  All was bright and shiny and whilst not without fault, as Bosswoman so sagely noted “looked all the better for the sun”.



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2 responses to “Polemonium caeruleum – Jacob’s Ladder

  1. Heard of these donkey’s years ago (without knowing what they look like) but had forgotten till I read this. They look pretty – and desirable.

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