Dung and Digitalis

Bangers and mash, Laurel and Hardy, Gin and Tonic, all inseparable just like torrential rain and a mushroom compost delivery.   Ok perhaps I have to work on the scan a little but I think you get the gist.  Our brilliant supplier of brown gold arrived today bang on cue, exactly one week and two hours late, which to be honest in North Devon Time (NDT) is pretty prompt.  Had to wait for the rain you see.  After an impressive reverse-with-trailer into Damage drive and an even more impressive exit myself, Hero and Mr Bee unloaded the bags.  This was all supervised with aplomb by Bosswoman who made helpful comments and noises of encouragement (giggles). As the bags have been previously used for growing mushrooms (the clue is in the name)  they are fully open along the top end so to successfully move these without mucky and smelly consequences requires a combination of strength and subtlety.  At the end of the exercise I was covered in it and Hero was clean as a whistle.  Hmm.  I felt strangely lonely at the supermarket this evening.

This photo of self seeded foxgloves in the Med Bed was taken yesterday.  There may have been the odd moment today when it looked vaguely like this but the wind and the rain may well have distorted the view somewhat.  I think we should dwell on yesterday’s view.



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5 responses to “Dung and Digitalis

  1. Diane Briggs

    About 25 years ago we had several mushroom farms a few miles from us. Sad to say, urbanization took over and now there are boring subdivisions there. Sure miss that great compost!

  2. Hope they survive. Wind and rain have arrived here. I suspect many people will be waking to squashed gardens tomorrow. Hope farmers will fare better.

  3. Michelle - Germany

    Beautiful photo. But IT CANT STILL BE RAINING THERE ?!?!?!?!
    Ah, I love it whatever. Wish we were reversing into Damage drive ourselves XX

  4. Michelle - Germany

    Ps Its raing here too, although we did manage a boiled egg outside this morning and a sip of chilled white before supper (inside, as it had set in by then!)

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