Osteospermum “Serenity Rose Magic”

The weather today can only be described as April showers on steroids.  It was crazy; one minute bright seducing sunshine (proceed to other end of the garden sans waterproofs), the next minute an onslaught of that rain that makes your head hurt (oops).  Luckily myself and Hero have had a walk-in wardrobe installed in the potting shed so we have various changes of clothing to hand to befit any mood/occasion, but today even we were pushed to our limits.  Not sure what would have happened if George Clooney had dropped by.  Very embarrassing to be seen in last year’s waterproofs.

This is the flower of Osteospermum “Serenity Rose Magic”.  It is a new osteopermum in the garden and seems to have a little identity crisis.  Unlike any of the other osteos we grow this one did not defensively close in the bad light and deluge. So the lovely flowers remained on display, gradually filling with water.  I doubt very much that this is good for the plant but it did look rather attractive. The flower colour changes as it matures from bronze to rose pink and so far they seem strong and vigorous.  Whether they will make it through the winter to amuse us next year and whether it is worth the effort of cosseting them through is yet to be decided.



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3 responses to “Osteospermum “Serenity Rose Magic”

  1. mum

    George Clooney? I would prefer someone like Perry Como. Who??????

  2. Bosswoman

    Definitely worth cosseting in my opinion – beautiful colour.

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