Rosa “Félicité Perpétue”

This is Rosa “Félicité Perpétue” a rambling rose, nestling in the arms of Clematis armandii.  This plant was removed from its position close to the entrance gates six years ago as it had become over-exuberant and threatened to engulf a significant part of North Devon.   Well you don’t get rid of this gal quite as easily as that, a piece must have been left behind and she is back with a bang and a holler.  Except for the shocking thorns that lay in wait as the plant emerges onto the handrail of the potting shed steps,  I don’t have a problem with this battle of the giants.  The large clusters of flowers, pale pink in bud aging to white, are classic cottage garden fare. The clematis supports it and is in spectacular flower several months previously giving this area a long season of interest.  Another brilliant planting combination that I didn’t think of.


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  1. Jane

    my felicite perpetue climbing rose is straggly, I have it in a large planter pot with a clematis. Does it not like being in a planter? Its about 4 years old. Help?

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