Lathyrus aureus – Golden Pea

Lathyrus aureus or the Golden Pea is a non climbing herbaceous perennial.  It is similar in habit to the spring flowering Lathyrus vernus which is also both deciduous and clump forming.   This is the first time it has flowered as it was only planted out in the garden last summer and although there was a mini “where did the pea go?” panic it has returned in full fettle.  Apparently it is not a good germinator and produces few seed, unlike its relations the sweet pea and the edible pea, which may well be reason that this stunning little plant is not more widely available.  We will have a go at propagating with whatever we get, if anything.  It originates from the Taurus mountains in southern Turkey and is another hater of winter wet.  It is situated above the root run of our Magnolia soulangeana “Alba” which should give it some protection.  Hero very eloquently described the racemes of tangerine flowers as being like socks hanging on a washing line.  Think I’ll borrow that one.


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  1. Malvern Maid

    Spot on Hero!

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