Mud and Mad Squirrels

A few years ago, in another lifetime, I explained to my employer that I might not make it work if the weather forecast was accurate.  He questioned my dedication to the job but I pointed out that it was not the cold that worried me but that it is tricky gardening when everything is covered in snow.  Likewise the reason we do not garden in torrential rain is not because we may mess up our hair or get our clothes wet.  Working on a border in the rain is generally not a good idea.   When you have spent a long time trying to improve soil structure, stomping about, even in your delicate size 5’s, will compact the soil and create a medium that would be best on the potter’s wheel.  Of course that is the theory.  In practice needs must and as we are part way through removing a couple of large shrubs from the end of the TCB (fallen and broken, prickly and ugly) we were keen to get it cleared, composted and replanted. This border slopes steeply towards a four foot drop (significant if you are at the top) and with the ground increasingly becoming like a quagmire the brilliant yellow 5cm thick roots of a scrappy old berberis were holding on for dear life through the torrential downpouring.  I am afraid that I came second in this battle but I assure you that the war is not yet over.

Today I had a close encounter of the scary kind with a squirrel.  Sometimes in life you make a decision in the heat of the moment that you live to regret.  This decision was to remove the peanut feeder whilst the squirrel was cornered in the shelter.  She launched herself towards myself and the feeder in a way that has been tattooed on my brain.  I have also learnt that Hero is as much of a scaredy cat as I am.  Lots of screaming followed by lots of laughing.  Peanuts intact.  Nightmares expected.

This picture shows Hero’s yet to be patented soggy glove drying device.


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  1. hero

    that squirrel had a look in her eye….and she was looking at YOU!!!!

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