Phlomis tuberosa “Amazone”

After yesterday’s persistent rain, improving fleetingly to drizzle and then back to a mind-numbing, soul-sucking downpour, today’s mist/mizzle was a joy.  At least I could get out and made mud pies.  Which is exactly what I did.  I tried to avoid stomping about too much on the sodden ground but my aim was to remove more weeds than actually grew in the day.  I think I may have just about managed this although it was a close call in this humid seed germinating paradise.  I also planted out some of our “waiting in the wings” annuals and the odd perennial including a new scabious, Verbena “Waterfall Mix”, assorted ricinus, Ageratum “Blue Mink” and a Stokesia laevis.

Phlomis Flo and TT visited after enjoying Rogersia Queen’s garden and admired the Phlomis tuberosa “Amazone” which is looking its best today, even in the murk.  Then the sea mist rolled in and with it a group of Belgium tourists on a garden and plant buying holiday, they were unperturbed by the gloom and even made North Devon weather jokes.  I was especially impressed when they told me they had a top box for their car which was solely for their plant purchases.  Now that is what I call shopping!



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3 responses to “Phlomis tuberosa “Amazone”

  1. Hi Gill,
    Looks like you could make a mildly profitable sideline in selling cuttings, saved seeds, etc. Perhaps you could call the enterprise “Heaven’s Plants 🙂

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