Coreopsis grandiflora – Tickseed

Coreopsis grandiflora brings a little sunshine to the dullest of days.   Well that was how it started today but I do not wish to make a drama or exaggerate the facts; the truth is that the sun came out mid morning and it was actually quite pleasant.   My pre-arranged itinerary (5 minutes before Hero arrived)  for the day included grass cutting, weeding and planting out (yes another wild one folks!) but after the dismal start I thought it may have to be rearranged to include gossiping, pretending to tidy the potting shed again and eating cake (only joking Bosspeople).  But for once the rain fell somewhere else (sorry Midlands) and we had a much yearned for dry and productive major part of the day.  Hero was designated a boggy, shady and neglected part of the garden to tame whilst I skipped around the dry(ish), sunny and well-kept area.  Well it sounded fair to me; she enjoys a challenge does that Hero and far be it for me to deprive her of fun.  Lots got done.  Areas now look as if someone loves them, opposed to churned up by a stampeding herd of deer who don’t like to eat weeds.  Which is exactly what it was and probably will be again but whilst the sun is shining, who cares?


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  1. Malvern Maid

    Yep I can confirm the rain fell, very heavily, in the Midlands today, and yesterday and the day before and …….

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