This is one of our wildflowers (weeds not welcome).  The campions are always variable in colour but this one has especially deep purple stems and bracts.  My next door neighbour in Bristol and No. 1 gardening ally used to say that I only liked plants from the dark side.  I would protest and claim an eclectic and an “across the board”  interest in all things floral.  Perhaps I did protest too loud.



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2 responses to “Dark

  1. Michelle - Germany

    I love this! I transplanted some white wild campion into the garden the other day from our once beautiful wild flower “meadow” which is now a building site :-((( I shall miss the poppies and other beauties. I even have some Cow Parsley in the garden now……..I know, I know. It isnt even the Pink sort!! I have made peace with Ground Elder (nice flowers and you cane at it apparently) and Bindweed (cottage gardeners of yore used it as a pretty fence cover) I have fallen in love with wild flowers big time ❤

  2. Michelle - Germany

    That should read CAN EAT!!! woops!

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