Artist Colony

Today marked the annual visit to our garden of our artist in non-residence.  Fortuitously, or someone had watched the weather forecast, she arrived on the only day this week that flippers were not a requirement in the garden.  Speaking as someone who recently came second in a drawing competition with a four year old (her mother is an artist which in my book is an unfair advantage, it was not a level playing field on which those felt tips were drawn), anyway as I was saying, I greatly respect anyone with a smidgen of artistic talent.  This lady has much more than a smidgen and produces beautiful watercolours.  For the past few years the Lady Artist and the equally important Back Room Boy have visited the garden whilst on their holiday.  She picks her spot, places her seat, gets out her palette and sketch pad and paints.  BRB wanders, may go down to the Bay or reads the paper.  All is balanced and calm.  Today she very kindly brought copies of last years painting of the summerhouse and herbaceous borders for The Bosspeople, Hero and myself.  We were very pleased.  This year it definitely wont be a seascape, I of course know what she was painting and I looking forward to seeing the result.



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2 responses to “Artist Colony

  1. hero

    glad we werent asked to pose!!! you would have soo much trouble sitting still and quiet!?

  2. mum

    I agree about the keeping quiet!!!!!!!! I dont know who she takes after.

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