Arisaema candidissimum – Striped Cobra Lily

At this time of year a lot can happen over a weekend, sometimes good, this year often bad.  At a guess this is what happened in my absence:

  • The deer had a feeding frenzy;
  • The badgers were invited to the party;
  • Several mini tornado’s ripped through the garden knocking down and breaking the strongest of flowering stems;
  • A snail and slug gastro festival was held;
  • Guerilla gnomes snuck in and planted weed seedlings over the WHOLE garden.

All was gloom; there was nothing for it but to get my head down, pick a starting point and try to make some order out of the chaos.  One bed weeded and titivated and my chin was lifting considerably; admittedly this was a small step for gardenerkind but each step was in the right direction.   An unscheduled visit from the sun and some blue sky, my mood lifted to one verging on optimism.  Then I spied this Arisaema candidissimum, given up for lost, and the day I had also given up for lost was found again.  The dramatic candy striped spathe is a glory to behold.  Known in its native China as bai bao nan xing this woodland species is sweetly scented and happy in moist soil in full sun to part shade.  This one is planted in rather fuller shade than is perhaps ideal, but look its flowering and that makes all the battles worthwhile.


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