Guest appearance

After all my whingeing yesterday the sun made an unexpected appearance for enough of the day to made a difference, enthusiastically welcomed by the crew.  All in all it was a very enjoyable Wednesday, meeting all the criteria to be categorised as such – lovely visitors, lots of laughter, cartwheels (can you go to prison for inciting a stranger to cartwheel without having undertaken a full health and safety check?) , pasties and of course unbroken sunshine (until 4.00pm when the torrential rain began again).  The only horsefly in the ointment was, you’ve guessed it, lots of horseflies.  Naturally we made good use of this respite in the weather by catching up with some of the grass cutting which included mowing the lawn (yep those little darlings are my bendy stripes) and strimming the inaccessible/too scary parts.  This is Hero deftly wielding the strimmer with one hand whilst fending off the blood sucking insects with the other.  Do not worry, she has not joined the Foreign Legion (is there a division for “ladies” and if not why not?) but has her baseball cap on back to front.  Neither has she become a hip hop artiste.  The truth of the matter is she has a very small head which means the protective visor falls down if she doesn’t have a hat on.  In winter she sports a rather fetching woolly number.  You at the back stop giggling!



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6 responses to “Guest appearance

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Dont talk to me about Horseflies!! COVERED with huge itchy bites after my sojourn in the flower meadow on Monday! 😦 We have the heavy rain today too……….always JUST when my Phlox are at thir best :-((
    LOVE that view of the Bay with the sundial…..sigh. ❤

  2. Michelle - Germany

    PS I would have to go to hospital after a Cartwheel!! 😉

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