Its a Hap, Hap, Happy Day!

Yesterday misery, today jubilation, what possibly could have happened?  The sun came out.  That was all that was needed, us simple folk don’t ask for much.  Surely the job description for the season formerly known as “Summer” states “include at least a few sunny days”.  I think someone may have pointed this out and this afternoon was a corker.  It was like moving in one massive leap from monochrome to Technicolor.  Hats off to who ever made the official complaint.

This monumental meteorological change ensured that we had a splendid day.  Our heads were lifted out of mud and into the blue and it all seemed possible again. This meant we weeded, with a bit more weeding on the side and a little extreme weeding to spice up the action.  I went off piste for a while and planted out some runner beans who had been in contact with the RSPCV who apparently were sending in their SWAT team.  Hopefully they will be happy now and I can plead innocence when the inspectors arrive.  The day lilies were also happy, lifting their heads in relief to the sun, as we all were.



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2 responses to “Its a Hap, Hap, Happy Day!

  1. Michelle - Germany

    YAY!!! Same here (until the evening when it couldnt resist it and rained again.) And there was Betsy’s gloroius sunset photo too, which makes me loooooooooong for Lee of course! *sigh*

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