An Unhappy Ending

Today was a challenging day.  The sun shone brilliantly throughout all my troubles.  I suppose I must be thankful it wasn’t raining.

When I arrived at work today I couldn’t get into the greenhouse, the door was locked.  I didn’t even know the door could lock, I certainly didn’t have a key.  Boss Junior, AKA Head of Security, had done a sterling job in his duties at the weekend managing to secure places that were hitherto insecurable.  Unfortunately HofS has returned to sort out the Olympic problem so myself and Bosswoman were left to gain access.  “I know” exclaimed BW “WD40!” so I hit the door with a can of WD40 and hey presto it swung right open.  Actually it involved the potting shed key, significant twiddling, face pulling and the odd choice word, and entry was gained.  Right, lets get on with some gardening!

As I walked across the lawn I met a visitor who greeted me with “Did you know there are two sheep in your garden?”  She was quite correct, and after my first assessment that they were two different makes it turned out they were a shorn mother and unshorn son.  After several phone calls and much puzzlement we eventually found someone who half thought that they might be theirs and would come and have a look at some point in the day.  When the farmer’s daughter arrived she thought the ewe might be Floss but as the boy lamb was “beefy” and “intact” she didn’t see how it could be.  Off she went and suggested we did nothing and she would talk to her father and get back to us.  At 4.00pm we found the poor little boy sheep on the lawn, he had obviously fallen off the Rhody bank and was badly hurt and extremely distressed, with Floss up on the bank looking down.  I called the farmer again and after a great deal of trauma the lamb and ewe were taken away.  I doubt if he will live to tell the tale of his adventures and it has left me feeling very sad.  Sometimes I think I am too soft for country life.



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2 responses to “An Unhappy Ending

  1. Michelle - Germany

    Oh Gill, how horrible- I would have been so sad too. Poor you, and that poor little lambkins. 😦 But far better to be “too soft” than hard and unfeeling, even when it hurts. You are a sweetie XXX ❤ hugs

  2. mum

    I was going to say please give us an update on the lamb but on second thoughts unless it’s good news I would rather not know. It has put me off my knitting.

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